Bringing Golf and Technology Together!


PGC Leverages

For the Golfer: Additional “Fun factor” Immediate Gratification 

Competitive Nature of Golfers 

“Closest to the Pin” 


Personal progress 

Social Networking 

Affluence of Golfers 

Traditions and Progress  

For the Course: 

Increase rounds played 

Targeted promotions 

Data and analytics

 No cost or administration

PGC is...

Designated holes on designated courses with an, 


Technology Driven method for, Fee and sponsor based, 

Contests (i.e., “closets to the pin”), Tournaments,  

Rankings for, 



Club or, 

National Perspective  

Providing additional fun and immediate gratification during play.

Relevant Data

As of January 1, 2015, there were 15,372 golf courses/facilities in the U.S. 

NGF estimates there were 465.5 million rounds of golf played in the U.S. in 2013.  (Latest information available)

2000 – 518,000,000

2005 – 499,000,000

2010 - 475,000,000

2011 - 463,000,000

2012 - 489,000,000

2013 - 465,000,000

Revenue from Entrance Fees ($5.00)

At $5.00 entrance fee, PGC can take in revenues of over $1 Million dollars being on 14 golf courses.  That’s just the entrance fee not sponsorship, advertising, marketing research, that’s just the entrance fees for the PGC tournament.    

With there being 15,372 golf courses in the country, we only need 0.000910 market share of courses to generate $1 Million yearly.

How the System Works

Platinum Golf Challenge is currently researching and developing a customized software, hardware and camera technology to manage the games/contests and track and record performance.  The most critical component to the system is the measurement software technology.  We have been working with two strong recognizable custom software firms, in Minnesota, who have committed to the project, along with mobile app and website development.  Upon funding, the Company plans to Beta test the system at 4-5 Minnesota based golf courses.

How the System Works Continued

Platinum Golf Challenge has created a revolutionary product design for use in the $60B+ U.S. golf industry, which includes, approximately 25M golfers.  Using this product design platform, PGC is developing and will market a highly innovative game/contest that will test the skill of golfers and to support “growing the game” of golf.  The daily tournament challenges a golfer to land their ball within a target range of the pin (only Par 3 holes).  The player pays an entry fee of $5 - $100 per Par 3 to participate in the PGC tournament.  Prizes increase in value the closer you are to the pin, with hole-in-ones awarded the grand prize.  PGC fills a void in the golf course industry by increasing the “fun factor” through player participation.  According to The National Golf Foundation, roughly 66% of golfers who stop playing cite the lack of fun in the game.  

The Company’s plan is to partner with golf course operators who are committed to increasing rounds played by offering a new game/contest that differentiates itself from their competitors.  Extreme Golf Challenge’s objective is to create and grow a new sub-category of the golf entertainment market and be of significant size ($20 million+) to attract a strategic buyer in 2-4 years.